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Charity Coffee Morning

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I myself have followed Rosemary Conley's different diets over the years and find it the most easiest and most enjoyable Diet and Fitness plan around.  Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Clubs have been in operation since 1993 and Rosemary has over forty years’ experience in helping people to slim down and shape up, so you could not be in better hands.

As ours is the only national organisation to offer dietary advice AND exercise in the same weekly class, there is no better place for you to lose weight and get fit. Even if you haven’t exercised for a long time, I can adapt the exercises to suit all abilities. However, if you don’t wish to join in the 45-minute exercise session, that’s fine with us!

2012 is very exciting for us as Rosemary Conley’s brand new Fat Attack Booster Diet is now available to all members across the country! The new F.A.B diet will help you lose pounds easier than ever before – safely and healthily.

This highly effective, easy-to-follow weight-loss plan starts with the two-week Kick-Start Booster Diet so you can see a significant weight loss early on. The next stage includes extra treats – including high fat treats and an alcoholic drink, if you choose. 

The diet offers lots of variety and you can select from carbohydrate-based meals, high-protein meals, meals that include a dessert and vegetarian options, all of which are low-fat, low-Gi and calorie controlled. Alternatively, you can try the Solo Slim® diet.

Whichever option you choose, you are guaranteed the same great results!   The cost of joining a Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Club is just £10 for a membership pack, which includes a copy of Rosemary Conley’s brand new for 2012 Fat Attack Booster (F.A.B) Diet along with a set of Portion Pots®, an Introductory DVD explaining the F.A.B Diet and a Rosemary Conley Magic Measure® which shows dieters how many inches they lose as they progress on the diet.  If you do want to join in the exercise session please bring with you a bottle of water and wear loose, comfortableclothing and a pair of training shoes. Many members wear leggings and a T-shirt, but whatever you feel  happy exercising in is fine with us.

The weekly class fee costs £5.90 with a one off joining fee of £10. If you are staying for the exercise session, the class lasts for 90 minutes. I also have Premier Club which is £23.00 a month which entitles you to unlimited exercise classes for FREE every week and 10% off of most products sold in class excluding food, and free membership saving you ££££.....!!

My classes are fun, friendly and welcoming. No one is made to feel embarrassed and your weigh-in is very discreet, so, apart from me and my staff no one else will know how much you weigh. If you’re thinking of joining on your own, as many of our members do, there’s no need to worry: you’re soon amongst friends at a Rosemary Conley class.